Apples Covent Garden store gets burgled

/ 6 years ago

At approximately 1.00am the Covent Garden branch of Apple store was burgled by a gang which proceeded to smash one of the windows to gain access to the property, police have said that up to 14 people were involved in the incedent and turned up on mopeds and motorbikes.

“It is believed there were around seven moped riders/motorcyclists involved, most if not all with a pillion passenger. All persons were in full face crash helmets,”

Islington police followed a moped that may have been involved in attempt to stop it, but failed to catch it, a moped was then found abandoned around Wyclif Court, St John Street EC1, the officers saw two men on foot around 20 minutes after the break-in and were in possesion property believed to be stolen from the store, the two men are now in police custody.

“Although two men are in custody on suspicion of burglary, the inquiry continues and other persons are sought. It is essential that anyone who saw the smash-and-grab, or the suspects making off, contact us as soon as possible,” DS Nathan Tozer of Westminster CID said.

It seems the police have one witness of the whole event in the form of Rob Shoesmith an Apple fan and blogger that has been camping outside the store for the last 7 days and is staying there until the launch of the 4S you can follow his experience and what he saw of the robbery here



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  1. They don't have an iAlarm? 😛

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