Apple’s First A9 Chips Roll off the Production Line – in the US?

/ 3 years ago


The Korean Electronic Times reports that Apple’s first A9 chips have rolled off the production line – in the United States. Apparently Samsung is producing the chips (although the Korean Electronic Times often likes to say that regardless of reality).

The chips are supposedly being produced in Austin, Texas – a place in the US that Apple seems to like for manufacturing considering its ill-fated sapphire plant was/is there and its 2013 Mac Pro is also produced there. It’s not yet known what these chips will be used for, although it’s most probably for a new iPhone and iPad.

However, it is very early for the chips to be in production and this news coincides with claims from a number of analysts that suggest Apple will produce two completely new iPads and iPhones early next year. For instance, it’s been suggested that the company will release an ‘iPad Pro’ – a much bigger iPad meant for image editing and the like, while there’s also rumours that the company will produce a new, smaller 4-inch iPhone, essentially updating the iPhone 5s for those who like smaller screens.

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Whatever Apple is doing with these new chips, we probably won’t know what they are doing for certain until they announce it themselves.

Source: Korean Electronic Times, Via: Forbes

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