Apple’s latest patent could offer extended battery life

/ 6 years ago

Lately, Apple has been known for its ‘patent-war’, later renamed ‘patent-trolling’. Recently, however, the company has filed two patents for fuel-cell battery systems to power their future Mac Books.

These two patents, filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, are for hydrogen fuel-cell batteries: with such batteries two advantages emerge but a challenge comes in the way as well.

Hydrogen fuel-cell batteries will prove to be a lot more environmentally-friendly, while at the same time, providing extra long battery life time on a single charge, meaning that your Mac Book will last “for days or even weeks” without the need for a wall outlet.

Ecological comes almost as a need for Apple, especially when your partners in China have been told off for polluting land and causing cancer.

As mentioned before, these two advantages won’t come easy, neither will they be cheap. The filing mentions that the hydrogen fuel-cells, similar to those found in cars, will be a challenge to build in such a size that it will fit into a laptop and that will keep a production cost low enough not to affect prizes.

While Apple is looking into a number of types of fuel-cells, the patents don’t indicate how they will proceed in making such batteries.


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