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April 2020 Hardware Buying Guide

Finding the best deals can be tricky, and we know that as well as anybody else. However, we hope we can help steer you towards some of the hottest deals each month. Each month we’ll keep track of what’s hot, what we loved, etc, and update you with a new buying guide at the start of each month. Budget PC builds huge discounts on premium hardware and more. Of course, we’ll also throw in plenty of products that we feel are just great value for money overall, or that we think are just great products. This will include PC cases, power supplies, motherboards, graphics cards, and well… all kinds of PC hardware and software really.

PC Hardware Deals

Please note, that if we have reviewed a product that we list, we will also include the review. However, not all items featured in our buying guides will be products we have reviewed, but we’ll do our best to ensure we only link to products that we would confidently purchase ourselves too.

What Do You Want to See?

Don’t let us tell you what you need to buy, that would be silly. It’s a big internet out there, and we’re sure you’ve all spotted some amazing deals too. Link them in the comments, or hit up our social media buttons below and send us your deals. We’ll update them into these articles as best we can.

Please note that this article does contain some affiliate links and may also include retail links to our partners. However, we’re not above including other great deals you send us, so keep in touch! Deals are based on the UK price, but we will include US prices also if they’re available.

CPU Of The Month

Need an affordable gaming CPU that doesn’t require a dedicated GPU? The 3200G is perfect for modest 720p and 1080p gaming, and at this price, is hard not to get excited.

£77 / $90

A New Motherboard

Even the motherboard market has seen some fantastic deals, and with this board being compatible with that lovely APU above, it’s a steal at this price. It’s even cheaper in the US too!

£69.95 / $59.66

Glorious GPU Deals

An AMD TUF Gaming X3 Radeon RX 5700 XT OC Edition graphics card for just £299.99? Surely not! Well, it’s down from its MSRP of £438, so I’d jump on this deal while you can, as this is a pretty fantastic gaming card. Plus Amazon says it has “Space-grade Lubricant” on it, and doesn’t that sound exciting!

£299.99 / $310

Monitor Madness

It may not be a massive monitor, but the price isn’t massive either. However, it does sport a lot of impressive features, such as lots of display inputs, FreeSync, 144Hz refresh rate, a curved panel, slim bezels. It’s all the features of the big gaming monitors, just on a small scale.

£182.99 / $229


Being stuck at home with all the family working, streaming and gaming? Realised just how demanding that can be on your pokey little router? Then give it the huge upgrade it deserves. You’ll find strong WiFi in even the furthest reaches of your home with this one. We can all benefit from a good quality home network.

£279.98 / $259

New Headset

Next-generation sound processing at last generation prices? What’s not to love about that. You’ll get wireless technology, USB Type-C, SXFI amplification and audio holography processing, a removable microphone, and some of the most stylish and comfortable headphones on the market today.

£119.99 / $139.99

Gaming Mouse

The new MSI MG30, one of the best looking and most affordable high-performance gaming mice out there right now. Check out my review here.

£42.99 / $35.29

Cases and Beyond

Compact, stylish, and packing a massive 200mm fan in the front. This is a superb little case that even comes with a built-in carry handle. For those that need a slightly more portable battle station, it’s a bargain!

£56.03 / $64.99

A New Gaming PC

The AlphaSync Canine Spec-7X is a fantastic gaming PC. It’s packing plenty of storage, and the excellent RTX 2060 with the equally brilliant Ryzen 7 3700X. We tested this system a few weeks ago and loved it. Plus, it’s slightly cheaper to buy complete than it would be to build it yourself!


Peter Donnell

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