Arctic announce a water cooling system for VGA

/ 6 years ago

Arctic has announced a new cooling solution, yet this time going slightly further than its Active Fan VGA Coolers with the Accelero HYBRID, a new VGA Liquid Cooling Solution.

Although being an immaculate cooling performance for high-end VGA card users, it is not restricted by any specific VGA board since it is compatible with a vast range of Nvidia and AMD graphics boards.

Arctic claims to have the first Liquid Cooling Solution to have an integrated active fan cooling solution for RAM and VR heat sinks.

This new product is all about ease of use, there is no need to build up the cooler, it’s a complete closed loop liquid cooling solution with the only trouble you’ll have to get through is changing heat sinks from the reference to the Accelero HYBRID.

This new product is a highly-sophisticated hybrid cooling solution from Arctic that defines clearly what value-for-money means to gamers today.

As for its availability and price, these details are still to be announced.

Source: Press Release


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