Arctic Cooling reveals 6990 Accelero Twin Turbo Cooler

/ 6 years ago

The HD 6990 is an extremely powerful video card but it’s downfall is that the reference cooler runs very hot and in most cases very loud. Arctic cooling’s Accelero Twin Turbo cooler comes into its own here.  The uniquely designed VGA cooler will lower the temperatures of the very hot HD 6990 and reduce those infamous noise levels to an almost silent level whilst still leaving enough cooling capacity to overclock substantially more. Both Cayman GPUs, the VRM and the Bridge Chip are all cooled by the Accelero Twin Turbo 6990.

There are two separate cooling blocks based off solid machined copper bases and with 5 heat pipes each. A dense aluminium heat sink arrangement cooled by two 120mm fans acts to dissipate the large amounts of heat. The whole unit will use the reference backplate for stability on the card, as this whole unit does weigh a hefty 820g in addition to the weight of the rest of the card. It is priced at $150 which is quite steep but it is backed by a solid Arctic 6 year warranty.


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