Arctic Officially Launch its New MX-6 Thermal Compound

It has been only around 18 months since Arctic officially announced the release of its MX-5 thermal compound. With this in mind, therefore, you would have likely not expected its successor to be hitting the market any time soon. – Following report via TechPowerUp, however, Arctic has now officially confirmed the launch of its new MX-6 thermal paste, and more so, it should be set to hit retailers imminently for a pleasantly affordable price!

Arctic MX-6 Thermal Compound

Set to act as an official successor to their MX-5 thermal compound, you might be wondering why this particular release (now effectively in end-of-life status) had such a short time on the market. Well, in this regard, there is no clear answer. The rumour mill had, however, long suggested that Arctic found the mixing of the chemicals to get the correct end product a very challenging and overly technical process. – In other words, they were likely not making much money from it when compared to its production cost.

With this in mind, therefore, rather than looking to spend money attempting to solve a problem which may not have a simple solution, they’ve instead just gone ahead and released their new upgraded version.

And just to make the point clear, the existence of MX-6 has hardly been a secret as, despite no formal confirmation from Arctic until now, Amazon has had its placeholder listed for around two months making its launch a well-known and long foregone conclusion.


  • 20% BETTER PERFORMANCE: With its improved composition, the ARCTIC MX-6 has a measurably lower thermal resistance than the MX-4
  • PROVEN QUALITY: With over 20 years of experience in the PC cooling market, our focus was on improved performance, versatile application possibilities and an easy-to-use consistency
  • RISK-FREE APPLICATION: MX-6 is neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. This eliminates the risk of short circuits or discharges
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: With its new composition, the MX-6 is suitable for many application scenarios. Thanks to its viscosity, it is also suitable for direct-die cooling scenarios for GPUs of graphics cards or console processors
  • 100 % ORIGINAL DUE TO AUTHENTICITY CHECK: Due to our Authenticity Check, the authenticity of each individual product can be verified

Worth A Try?

One key benefit of MX-6 is that Arctic is claiming that the thermal compound should have an application lifespan of around 8 years (before diminishing performance starts to become a notable factor). – As such, at least in terms of overall durability, this is one of the boldest claims made by any thermal paste manufacturer we’ve ever seen!

Better still, it seems that despite the extra edge offered in performance, it’s not going to be overly expensive either (when it does go on sale which should be at any moment!):

  • 2g syringe – $6.79
  • 4g syringe – $9.79
  • Kit including 8g syringe and 6 cleaning pads – $11.99

We should note though, just for the sake of clarification, that Arctic is still maintaining the production of its now last-last-gen MX-4. Why? Well, this is, by and large, one of the most popular and well-known thermal compounds around meaning that while the MX-5 is certainly expendable, cutting the MX-4 product line would be a huge error on their part. Well, until MX-6 gains a little more public knowledge and traction with consumers.

While they have yet to launch their official website for the new MX-6, should you wish to learn more about Arctic thermal compound solutions, you can check out their official website via the link here!

What do you think? Which thermal compound do you typically like to use? Did you ever try out their MX-5? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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