Are Nvidia Working on a Shield Tablet?

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I absolutely love my Nvidia Shield, it’s one of those products that I simply didn’t need in my life, but now that I have it I cannot stop using it. Unfortunately for Nvidia a lot of gamers are still on the fence about the hardware and with a restriction of still only selling it in North America, it simply hasn’t been as big a hit as Nvidia were hoping for.

Rumours of the Nvidia Shield 2 are beginning to surface, essentially says it will be the same device with a higher resolution display and will swap out the Tegra 4 for the new and more powerful Tegra K1. However, with Nvidia having tried something a little different with the Shield it looks like they may be about to throw in the towel and go mainstream with it by creating the “Shield Tablet.”

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Nvidia recently certified a products called “Shield Tablet” and that doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination in terms of what we can expect. The GCF and the FCC states that it will come with 3G/4G capabilities, which would explain why it needs certifications and the fact that it has both GCF and FCC tells us that it’ll be cleared for use in the UK and the US.

Obviously this is still early days, but with the product having gone for certification already, we don’t expect we’ll have to wait long for more information to be revealed.

Thank you KitGuru for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “Are Nvidia Working on a Shield Tablet?”
  1. Wayne says:

    Well I for one would rather throw money down on a tablet that can play games before wasting it on some niche gaming device, not that I have a use for tablets anyway.

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