Arkane Studios confident Dishonored will be a great game

/ 5 years ago

Anyone who is excited about the release of the upcoming game “Dishonored” will be pleased to know that its prospects are looking good. Arkane Studios believes that all of its aspects, ranging from the first-person view to the stealth or upgrade mechanics, combine to form a great interactive entertainment experience.

Dishonored will offer a first person action experience, like Deus X or Bioshock, with the stealthy element similar to the game series Thief.

“It’s a matter of falling back on values,” Smith told the PS blog about Dishonored’s gameplay. “We generally like the first person perspective – to give you that ‘you are there’ thing. We like RPG upgrade systems. We like analog AI, so enemies are not necessarily aware of you or unaware of you – they’re uncertain. They may have heard you, but they’re not sure, so they go and investigate. Surfing the edge of awareness, basically. We love highly mobile games; we don’t like games where you’re heavy and stuck on the ground and you have big weapons and you can’t get on top of buildings as they’re just props. We really want you to be able to flit up there like a flea.” said Harvey Smith, the co-creative director of Dishonored.

Dishonored has already attracted a lot of attention after its showing at E3 2012 and its October release for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 edges ever closer.





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