Artifact Red-X Strategy Game Calls For Gamers To Decide Its Fate

/ 5 years ago


Los Angeles based game developer Tier2games announced that they are putting the fate of their new strategy game Artifact Red-X in the hands of gamers by releasing the final stage to Kickstarter.

Ashley Hodgetts, the game’s creator and game designer explains why Tier2games decided to go to Kickstarter: “making games is costly and we want to make sure it is exactly what the strategy gamer community wants. We here at Tier2games feel that it [Kickstarter] is the best way to reach our audience and let them influence the games we make. At the end of the day, they are who we make our games for”.

“On the first day of the project’s release on Kickstarter, Artifact Red-X was popular enough to be on the first page of Kickstarter’s popular games with 19 backers! Since we [Tier2games] are not doing any real marketing, that’s fantastic!”


Ashley continues by adding “In addition to making Artifact Red-X strategy game for PC and iOS, I’m proud to announce that we are teaming up with Itar’s Workshop to release a special miniature table top board game based on the video game. Itar’s workshop are a trusted and well known producer of table top miniatures and have recently been successful in their own Kickstarter projects”

You can show them your support and find more information about the game here.

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  1. Giochi MMO says:

    Browser game or MMO?

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