Artificial Intelligent EmoSPARK Console Hits Indiegogo

/ 4 years ago


The EmoSpark home console looks set to make multimedia playback a little more personal, using voice commands, face tracking and language analysis, the EmoSPARK wants to be an artificially Intelligent companion devices to answer your questions, provide knowledge and play back media based on your mood, and it’s delightfully futuristic and creepy in equal measures.

The new device has just hit Indiegogo as the company seeks funding to bring the product to market, and it acts like a mixture of Kinect, Siri, a media player and wikipedia all in one, with many other tricks up its sleeve on top.

Ask it a question, it’ll provide you an answer, ask it “What is the capitol of England?” and the device will answer “London”. Ask it to play some music to cheer you up and it will, if it detects you’re feeling a little blue, it may ask you if you would like something to listen to.

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The device uses a range of emotions such as joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation to tag your content such as video and music, learning as it goes to tailor your content based on the situation, it can even access your YouTube and Facebook accounts if you want it to, to help build a history of your interests faster.

Measuring just 90 x 90 x 90mm the EmoSpark sounds like a great little device, and if the A.I. is anything near as good as what is demonstrated in the video below, we can’t wait to check out this funky little gadget in the near future.


The device has already reached over $97k of its $100,000 goal and still has 12 days left, head on over to Indiegogo to check it out and show your support.

Thank you GeekyGadgets for providing us with this information.

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4 Responses to “Artificial Intelligent EmoSPARK Console Hits Indiegogo”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    What? Why isn’t the NSA funding it? It’ll surely make their lives easier in keeping an eye on all of us.

  2. zombie says:

    I can already see it.
    Me: doing an exam (mood >>)

    Cube: Hi I can see you are doing an exam. Want me to look up the answers?
    Me: That would be great Cube, thank you. (mood >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

  3. ET3D says:

    Many warning bells started ringing when I checked this on Indiegogo. Perhaps it’s not a total scam and it will ship, but probably without doing anything of what it says it will do, just be a cheap Android device, with a promise of doing all that stuff eventually. Maybe it will end up doing some of what it promises, Siri and such prove that it’s possible to have passable voice recognition which returns spoken results, but it’s certainly not something I’d put money on up front.

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