Asgard AESIR DDR5 32GB 4800MHz Memory Review

Asgard AESIR DDR5 32GB 4800MHz

Unless you’re a fan of Norse mythology or the Marvel comics and movies, many of you may be unfamiliar with the name Asgard. Today, however, we aren’t talking about the world of cinema or the Gods of Norse mythology, we are talking about Asgard; the company. Being a fairly new name in the in the memory and storage scene, Asgard are claiming to be provide OEMs and partners the highest speed and quality DRAM modules at the most aggressive pricing possible to hopefully provide some savings to you; the consumer.

DDR5 is the newest in memory technologies and is currently only compatible with Intel’s Z690 and B660 chipsets. Offering speeds far higher than the previous DDR4 specification should allow for much better performance over that of DDR4 in certain workloads too. Another big change to DDR5 is that the voltage regulators that used to be a part of the motherboard has now moved to the memory modules themselves which makes the memory responsible for controlling its own voltage. This subsequently allows for more energy efficient memory and simpler motherboard designs that that need to be designed to account for the change. This change also means that DDR5 will not work in a DDR4 memory slot even if it could physically fit. One downside to having the voltage regulators on the memory though, now adds a higher cost due to the new component needing to be accounted for in price. The silver lining to this however, is that new technologies are always high in cost when they launch and will, eventually come down in price.

Asgard have provided us with a 32GB kit of their new AESIR DDR5 memory to have a look at, with our kit clocked at 4800Mhz with CL40 timings. This is technically a downgrade on the last generation and is the sacrifice you’d have to make to adopt this latest technology, though, if you are willing to wait a few months, you may see DDR5 timings start to decrease, which will in turn, provide a better performing system.

You can also see our video on the Asgard Aesir DDR5 memory below.

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Brandon Dodman

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