ASRock adds ‘Scout Mode’ to its Game Blaster expansion cards

/ 6 years ago

ASRock is well established in terms of its reputation for gamer orientated motherboards. One of the distinctive features which sets ASRock apart from the rest of the competition is its Game Blaster expansion card. It integrates a high quality audio card with a high quality network card. ASRock has announced what it calls a new Proprietary technology for the Game Blaster cards. ‘Scout Mode’ is described to help make you able to hear your enemies from further away. ASRock is suggesting it will give competitive gamers a significant advantage (in games when hearing is particularly important). Apparently the feature can be activated on any existing Game Blaster cards containing Creative Sound Core3D simply by getting and installing the latest driver.

If you are interested in any additional information on ASRock’s Game Blaster cards then please see here.

Source: PR


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