ASRock break 3770K OC world record with Z77 OC Formula

/ 5 years ago

ASRock, Gigabyte, MSI and ASUS always seem to be battling with each other to bag those overclocking world records. By snatching the lead for a few days, weeks or sometimes months it gives them something to brag about which normally ends up in the marketing materials. ASRock are the latest company to take the upper hand when it comes to Ivy Bridge overclocking and the Z77 platform prestige.

Nick Shih, using ASRock’s Z77 OC Formula motherboard, has managed to take the Intel Core i7 3770K to 7.136GHz – a new world record.

Liquid Helium and a suicide-run core voltage of 1.92v was required to get to this new world record.

This is what ASRock has to say about their Z77 OC Formula motherboard:

“ASRock Z77 OC Formula is the first motherboard of our OC Formula series, a series of motherboards specifically designed for overclocking. Undeniably, the secret to success is the three Formula kits implemented on the motherboard. The Power Kit which delivers smooth and stable current with Digi Power, DSM, PAC, MFC and the 12+4 power phase design. While the Cooling Kit provides the best heat dissipation solutions, such as Twin-Power Cooling Heatsink, 8-layer-PCB design with 4 sets of 2oz copper inner layers and GELID Solution GC-Extreme Thermal Compound. And of course, the strictly designed Connector Kit, including Hi-Density Power Connectors and 15μ Gold Fingers. Besides the three Formula Kits that makes this motherboard Born to be Fast, there are also Nick Shih’s OC Profile settings in the UEFI, so you have a chance to feel what it’s like being a world champion!”

And just in case you don’t believe them, the CPU-Z validation link can be found here.

Source:Press Release

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