ASRock give their UEFI BIOS a web update feature

/ 5 years ago

Since its mainstream implementation on most motherboards, the UEFI BIOS has taken off in popularity and has been highly acclaimed by most that use it over the old conventional style BIOS. The functionality of the UEFI BIOS allows it to provide more features, like images, mouse controls and as of today ASRock are upgrading there UEFI BIOS to include a BIOS web update feature.

ASRock’s newest idea will allow users to download and install the latest BIOS ROM image for their motherboard providing you can point the UEFI BIOS to an active internet correction. Basic network/IP configuration, including PPPoE authentication can be made within the setup program. Once configured, the Internet Flash utility collects the latest BIOS version you need and installs it.

When it comes to simplicity, this new method certainly beats everything else we have seen from other motherboard vendors. No longer do you have to go through the hassle of preparing an upgrade USB/Optical disc or worry about the potential of bricking your motherboard.

Since this update is made possible via a UEFI BIOS alteration, users with an older UEFI BIOS can update that the “old way”, via a USB for example, and then in future will be able to utilise the Internet Flash utility that the update will bring support for.

All ASRock’s upcoming motherboard products should come with this feature built in, although we don’t have a full compatibility list or a specific launch date – it is coming soon, and expect other vendors to react with similar solutions.


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