ASROCK puts up RAGE comic about their rival motherboard manufacturers

/ 5 years ago

Well, there have been many times when a manufacturer makes a pun over their rival (in)directly- usually in marketing slides and maybe via their preferred group of people who are well established in certain forums. At times its all good, mostly harmless fun and usually its an inside joke. At times however turns as serious as the battle of phase counts and types of VRM controllers- analog/ digital, even fights between good friends who happen to work for rival brands, not to mention series of heated debate even in many forums. However at times- it does looks immature to a lot of people especially if its done by the company itself.

Couple of days back, ASROCK has put a RAGE comic involving a motherboard from Gigabyte (Oh please, its obvious its a Gigabyte- let’s not pretend, shall we?) in their facebook page showing that a buyer who put a system together recently returns to his system (after a brief break?) after 30 mins (like a boss) only to find a BSOD. Moral of the story in the RAGE comic? Buy ASROCK.

Personally, I prefer to be as neutral as possible when it comes to hardware. Anyone can make a good hardware- if not great. But having a RAGE comic and obviously trying to troll a brand directly just will sound childish to a lot of people- now matter how good your stuff is. This is clearly not cool, even if you’re a rival.

Colin Brix- Gigabyte’s Marketing manager didn’t seem amused but he did put a good response in their facebook page:
“Hey Asrock…Thanks for wasting your time doing childish things like this rather than actually improving your products. It’s actually kinda sad that you have to revert to selling your motherboards by doing stupid things like this rather than actually selling your products based on their merits”

Ouch!!! I bet that hit the spot!


As usual- one would expect in situation like this- you will have fanboys and anti- fanboys fighting amongst themselves.

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