Assassin’s Creed Unity Left With 39GB Patch?!?

/ 2 years ago

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Console users woke up to a frightening update for Assassin’s Creed: Unity, clocking in a staggering 39GB, which is what I can only summarize as the digital equivalent of a product recall. This isn’t a patch, this is a complete replacement of the game install, it’s a HUGE download, especially when you think that the Blu-Ray discs these games ship on have a maximum capacity of 50GB.

On a good quality 10mbps connection, you’re still looking at almost 9 hours of download time at full speed; which is outrageous. Not so bad if you’re on fiber broadband, but I myself only manage a steady 6.5mbps download rate, leaving me with half a day of patching a game! PC users are still to get the update, but it doesn’t look promising.

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How long will it take you to download this patch? You can use this calculator to get your answer.

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  • davidyell

    If you actually read the blog post it’s a bug with the patch effecting only Xbox One owners which is causing the system to redownload the game.

    Here is the source, I would recommend updating your article to be factually correct.

    • Hellcatenstein

      So the patch to fix a horribly bugged game has a horrible bug attached to it. And that’s better?

      • Peter Donnell

        Doesn’t matter which way you butter it, a 39GB download is still the end result.

        • Hellcatenstein

          My point exactly.

  • Wayne

    They’ve really made a right mess of things has Ubisoft. If that’s the size of a console patch I shudder to think what awaits the PC version. It’s an unrealistic download for the many suck… err, gamers who pre-ordered the game. If they pre-ordered a hard copy version of the game can’t they take it back to the retail store where they bought it and exchange it for a new copy? That’s assuming Ubi will even bother to press new disks featuring the fixes? But let this be a lesson to the pre-ordering saps, never, ever do that again or screwups like this will just continue and get even worse.


    dreading the pc patch… if it is the same size then with my uber fast internet speed it will take 217 HOURS, In excess of one week, I am off work for xmas for a total of 1week = means not enough time with my computer on 24/7 just downloading this patch , I get zero gaming

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