Asus and Acer ends the manufacturing and era of netbooks

/ 5 years ago

The last remaining manufacturers of Intel powered Atom powered netbooks, Asus and Acer, have ceased the production of their last Atom powered models, declaring that the life of the Atom based Netbook is finally over.

According to The Guardian, the production was ceased yesterday.

Asus started with the Eee PC back in 2007  in a variety of models which had differences of anywhere between config and clock speed to even colour and the systems case design and texture. Back then they were renowned for their portability and also battery life, although the performance even for mundane everyday work didn’t turn out to be as good as one could hope for.

The other thing that left a few on the wall over the netbooks was the quality of the chassis itself, as the lightweight plastic build did look to be a little fragile from time to time, but after all they were cheap, so you do get what you pay for.

With the arrival of tablets, certain perks associated with netbooks became less appealing, pushing them further into the sideline. Similarly the performance and even battery life wasn’t even comparable with tablets what tablets could offer. Eventually we’ve seen all the reasons for buying a netbook disappear as the tablet market has taken over offering at least the same, but on the most part much much more.

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