Asus are preparing for Bulldozer

/ 7 years ago

As we all know AMD plans to unveil their new Bulldozer processor in June. Asus is already prepared to release its new motherboard to support the bulldozer platform; it’s called Sabertooth and will be using the 990FX + SB950 chipset. It has four DIMM slots allowing for up to 16GB of DDR3 2000MHz memory, and will support both Crossfire and SLI configurations. The board also has 6 different heat sensors which is able to transfer data in real time.

For more info go Here!

There isn’t that much cause for a rush though, as most of the high end Asus boards including the Crosshair IV Formula, and M4A89GTD PRO will already support the new set or processors, a full list can be found Here!

So is it really worth buying a new motherboard, especially if you already own something like the Crosshair IV? No, probably not, but at the end of the day, I can see a lot of people buying it simply because they can. Personally, I will probably buy into Bulldozer to see how it goes and then, and only then if the performance is good, will I upgrade the rest of my system. If not, there’s always Intel.

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3 Responses to “Asus are preparing for Bulldozer”
  1. Si KeVin says:

    I will not upgrade to CH5F the major difference will be is the addition of SLI. Man cant wait for the bulldozer come out. 😉

  2. lucas4 says:

    seen the asus 990 sabertooth?its major drool :D!

  3. Eternalchaos says:

    lucas4;17470 wrote: seen the asus 990 sabertooth?its major drool :D!

    I posted some info on the 990FX chipset

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