ASUS Breaks GTX Titan World Records

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We always see the big graphics card and motherboard vendors (ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA, etc) trying to get one over on each other when it comes to breaking world records. The idea is by showing everyone they can break these records, you then associate them as the best in that particular market segment. Today it is ASUS who are proving themselves as top-dogs in the GTX Titan market by breaking four world records.

ASUS used their in-house overclocking experts Andre Yang and Shamino to break the 3D Mark 11 Performance, Extreme and Present scores as well as the best 3D Mark FireStrike score with 21818 marks. These scores were all posted using four overclocked GTX Titans with liquid nitrogen cooling in SLI on a Rampage IV Extreme with an Intel Core i7 3970X processor at 5.7GHz.

The results are indeed impressive and just go to reinforce the skill of the ASUS overclocking team as well as the durability and performance of the Rampage IV Extreme motherboard and Intel X79 platform. When it comes to the GTX Titans though, all the graphics cards currently on the market use the same design. We know there will be non-reference ones coming soon but we are not sure exactly when these will arrive. Until then it is safe to assume these records were broken on the standard reference GTX Titan graphics cards from Nvidia with ASUS branding. If the reality is otherwise different, then don’t expect to have to wait too long before ASUS show off this fact.

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If you are interested in the screenshots then you can see those below. We want to know what do you think of this new world record from ASUS? Is it a good achievement? Or is it a bit gimmicky?

ASUS_Titan_WR_1 ASUS_Titan_WR_2 ASUS_Titan_WR_3 ASUS_Titan_WR_4

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