ASUS Confirms AIO Cooler AMD AM5 Socket Compatibility!

ASUS has announced that selection of its all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers will be fully compatible with the upcoming AM5 (LGA 1718) socket designed for the next generation of AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs. The ASUS ROG Ryujin, Ryuo and Strix LC coolers will fit via an AM5 mounting kit, while TUF Gaming LC coolers will fit using the existing kits.

ASUS Confirms AIO Liquid Cooler AM5 Compatibility

As part of the announcement, ASUS has confirmed that the following AIO liquid cooler will offer full compatibility for the upcoming AM5 socket:

ROG Ryujin Series

  • ROG Ryujin II 360 ARGB EVA
  • ROG Ryujin II 360 ARGB
  • ROG Ryujin II 360
  • ROG Ryujin II 240 ARGB
  • ROG Ryujin II 240
  • ROG Ryujin 360
  • ROG Ryujin 240

ROG Ryuo Series

  • ROG Ryuo 240
  • ROG Ryuo 120

ROG Strix LC Series

  • ROG Strix LC II 360 ARGB
  • ROG Strix LC II 360
  • ROG Strix LC II 280 ARGB
  • ROG Strix LC II 240 ARGB
  • ROG Strix LC II 240
  • ROG Strix LC II 120 ARGB
  • ROG Strix LC 360 RGB
  • ROG Strix LC 360 RGB White Edition
  • ROG Strix LC 360
  • ROG Strix LC 240 RGB
  • ROG Strix LC 240 RGB White Edition
  • ROG Strix LC 240
  • ROG Strix LC 120

TUF Gaming LC Series

  • TUF Gaming LC 240 ARGB
  • TUF Gaming LC 240 RGB
  • TUF Gaming LC 120 ARGB
  • TUF Gaming LC 120 RGB

Where Can I Learn More?

I think we can agree that in terms of compatibility, ASUS has a pretty comprehensive coverage here. In fact, I think it is more apt to say that if you own one of their AIO liquid cooling products, you’re probably covered for AM5. – If you do, however, want to learn more about ASUS and any information regarding your cooler, you can check out their official website via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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