ASUS Gladius II Origin Gaming Mouse Review

Final Thoughts

How Much Does it Cost?

For such a premium performance gaming mouse, I would expect a price of around £80. However, I’m pleasantly surprised that you can pick one up for just £52.99 right now. The same design I reviewed is currently around £69.95, down from £79.99 originally. However, if you can tolerate the CoD Black Ops 4 design, you can have it for just £52.99. What’s not to love about that deal!?


I loved the original Gladius gaming mouse, and its (for the time) amazing 6400 DPI optical sensor, and 2000 Hz polling rate. However, the Gladius II and just as much, the Origin edition, feel like very worthy upgrades that really bright the mouse up to date. They’ve tweaked a few minor design details, but otherwise, the mouse looks and feels very close to the original, which is fantastic!


Use great components get great performance rings true here. The choice of swappable Omron switches means you can easily get the switches you desire. However, other switch brands should be compatible so long as they’re three-pin setups. It’s not like they’re expensive to source anyway. I think opening the mouse is a bit of a longer process than needed, but I don’t mind since it’s not like you’ll be doing it every day, if ever more than once.

Furthermore, the superb sensor is up there with the best of the best. When it comes to competitive gaming, it’s easy to see why some pros are already using this mouse.

Added Value

The inclusion of two USB cables seems a bit unnecessary. However, given that ASUS gives you a choice of switches, it stands to reason they would give you more choice overall. I like the braided one myself, but there are benefits to the lighter and shorter cable of the other one. Plus you get multi-zone RGB, so you can tune the aesthetics as much as you desire also.

Should I Buy One?

A tuned-up competitive gaming mouse this may be, but it’s still very versatile. With software customisation, solid performance from the switches and sensor, it’s just as adept at home, in the office, or for pro gaming. With deals way under the £80 MSRP, you would be mad not to consider this for your next gaming mouse.

ASUS Gladius II Origin Gaming Mouse Review

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