Asus Go Against Intel, Add Devil Canyon Support To Z87 Motherboard

/ 4 years ago


Intel was working hard to encourage motherboard makers to push users into upgrading to Z97, which features the latest Intel Series 9 chipsets. This meant that to use the new Devil Canyon CPU’s from Intel, you had to upgrade your motherboard, until now.

Most of us thought that the new chips would require an upgrade, but ASUS have their own ideas. ASUS has taken Intel down a few pegs by adding support for Devil’s Canyon CPUs on its Z87 motherboards!

“Most, if not all of their Z87 boards have received a BIOS update allowing the use of Intel’s devil canyon processors. This is also backed up on their Cpu support lists”. said a post on the XtremeSystems forums.

This is obviously a very good thing for consumers, and it’s good to see ASUS giving us the option of an update, not a forced upgrade, especially when high-end motherboard that you own in Z87 format and a new Z97 board could end up costing you hundred of dollars.

Thank you TweakTown for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “Asus Go Against Intel, Add Devil Canyon Support To Z87 Motherboard”
  1. Wayne says:

    Damn. Now why didn’t I settle on a Z87 Asus mobo? Heavens knows, I had enough of them pass under my nose for testing.
    To answer my own question, I didn’t like the colour scheme, not that it makes a blind bit of difference because it can’t seen once installed inside my case and I flung my Maximus VI Formula board into the test rig which I’ve since passed on.
    I don’t intend to upgrade to Devil Canyon but if I manage to get one of the “K” series chips on the house then I’ll take it.

    Maybe Gigabyte will take a leaf out of Asus’s book.

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