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ASUS In More Bother With Mass Router Outage Problems

ASUS is really not having good month with their motherboard bios issues and all the other things the community is crucifying them for, today however they’ve come under another spot of bother with their routers.

ASUS Router Outage

Many users on Wednesday started reporting that their ASUS routers were freezing up for no reason and even after rebooting would stop working with the error logs pointing towards the devices running out of memory. The error logs shared on the ASUS forums state “Out of memory: Kill process 9710 (asd) score 684 or sacrifice child” pointing towards a process named “ASD” as the culprit for the high memory usage.

What Was The Problem?

As of now, ASUS has provided a fix for the error with the claim that it was “an error in the configuration of our server settings file.” users would simply need to reboot their device once ASUS pushed the hotfix. ASUS hasn’t provided a full explanation for the issue which has annoyed some. however, Reddit user TheDeviceMangler shared a reasonable explanation for what they think the issue was.

“On the 16th, Asus pushed a corrupted definition file for ASD, a built-in security daemon present in a wide range of their routers.”

“As routers automatically updated and fetched the corrupted definition file, they started running out of filesystem space and memory and crashing.”

For now, this issue is fixed but we do have to wonder what is going to go wrong next for ASUS.

Jakob Aylesbury

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