ASUS Introduces Haswell H87/B85 Overclocking

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With ASRock, ECS, Biostar and Gigabyte all introducing their own version of H87/B85/H81 overclocking it was only a matter of time but ASUS announced theirs. The BIOS updates allow K series Haswell CPUs, namely the Core i5 4670K and the Core i7 4770K, to have their multiplier adjusted on the H87/H81/B85 chipsets when using the new BIOS. ASUS have made the new BIOS updates made available at each of these links. If you have any of these motherboards you can update them to the latest BIOS to unlock overclocking:

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In most cases I can see H87 and B85 motherboards being paired with a Core i5 4670K to make a cheaper gaming system. That said H87 and B85 motherboards tend to be 10-30% cheaper than their Z77 counterparts as Intel charges much less to its motherboard partners for H87/B85 chipsets than it does for Z77. Although that being said the i5 4670K is still substantially more expensive than the i5 3570K so making a cheap gaming system is best done on Ivy Bridge or using AMD’s FX processors and the 990FX chipset.

Image courtesy of ASUS

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