ASUS UK Issue Promising Statement Over Nvidia 30XX Stock

Despite the fact that we are getting around the 2-month point since the Nvidia 30XX graphics cards initially released, getting hold of one, for a reasonable price, is still proving to be rarer than hen’s teeth. Put simply, between consumer demand and scalpers, stock levels have remained stubbornly, and woefully, low.

Following an official statement on ASUS’s social media platforms, however, they have given UK consumers some hope that, by the end of November, stock levels for Nvidia 30XX graphics cards (specifically their own models) should improve quite significantly.

ASUS Gives Hope for Nvidia 30XX Stock

In making the announcement, which you can check out below, ASUS starts by acknowledging that supply levels have been pretty poor and apologizes for the frustration this may have caused consumers. On a more positive note, however, they do go onto say that production is operating at near full-tilt and, within the next few weeks, UK shipments of Nvidia 30XX graphics cards will be increased.

What Do We Think?

If you are currently on the waiting list for an ASUS graphics card, the good news is that with this update, the chances seem excellent that your shipment should be arriving in the very near future. More so, however, if you are currently in the market for purchasing any Nvidia 30XX graphics card, choosing ASUS may prove to be the best option in terms of getting it as soon as possible. Well, for UK consumers at least.

So, while we can’t necessarily say it’s guaranteed, as some helpful consumer knowledge, we’d say that going ASUS at the moment probably isn’t a bad idea if you’d like your Nvidia 30XX before the new year!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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