ASUS Launches White GTX 1070 DUAL

/ 2 years ago


With 4 GeForce GTX 1070 graphics cards already launched, ASUS has released their fifth addition to their lineup. Dubbed the GTX 1070 DUAL, the main defining feature is the colour scheme rather than any special features like power phases, cooler or factory overclock. The colour scheme is similar to the ASUS X99A motherboards which are also black and white.

Like many of their cards, the DUAL features a dual-fan cooler just its name implies. Interestingly it’s not a DirectCU II solution as you might expect. Perhaps it might not feature direct heatpipes or uses vapour chambers? The fans themselves are common enough, using the usual low-noise wing-blade fans. The PCB itself is custom and likely different than other ASUS GTX 1070 cards.


The DUAL offers factory-overclocked speeds of 1582 MHz base and 1771 MHz boost with an 8pin PCIe power connector. This likely means overclocking will be limited by the GPU itself or the new cooler. It will be interesting to see how the DUAL cooler performs relative to the STRIX and other ASUS cooling solutions.

With the swarm of red and black based GPUs, it a bit refreshing to see other colours being used. Hopefully, we’ll see a wider range of colours being used for PC products to suit every taste.

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One Response to “ASUS Launches White GTX 1070 DUAL”
  1. Casper Claudi Andersen Rafn says:

    resemble the MSI black and white.

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