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ASUS Lyra AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Network Review

A Closer Look at the Features

Easy Setup

ASUS Lyra is networking for everyone, even if it is the latest in technology. The setup is both easy and quick, and you don’t even need a PC to do so. There is an ASUS Lyra application for both iOS and Android and with this you can do everything. You can set it up, manage, and diagnose your network. Getting the system up and running will only take about a minute.

Adding an extra Lyra hub to your network is just as easy as the initial setup. Simply follow the on-screen guidance in the app and you will be done in a few steps.

Stay Informed

Normally, a router is something most people won’t log into very often. While that is okay, it does present an issue in the sense that you might want to stay informed on the status of your network. With the Lyra app, that’s something you don’t need to worry about. It will automatically give you key status updates and notifications. It will also alert you when a new device connects, if there is unusual login activity, or when new firmware updates are available. The Lyra App will also tell you when threats are blocked or when the security software has been updated.

Security Features Despite Simple Usage

Security is very important these days, especially when we consider the sheer amount of smart devices that exist. That includes anything from your normal computer to mobile phone and smart TV, to smart meters, digital voice assistants and much more. We’ve also all read the headlines in the past year where several major security vulnerabilities were found and how many devices were affected. With all that in mind, it’s great to have the security at the front door, sort to speak. ASUS routers come with AiProtection and so does the Lyra mesh network system.

AiProtection Security

AiProtection works in a multitude of ways, protecting you from threats outside and inside your home and network. Malicious sites are automatically filtered by Trend Micro’s official database and blocked before shown to you. Should a device on your network have been infected for some reason, then the router also blocks any attempt from the malicious code to send your data to the attacker. Security is a two-way street.

Built into ASUS routers is also the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), a part of the AiProtection system. It provides multi-point protection for every connected device on your network and blocks all common Internet-based attacks including ransomware attacks, Trojan virus threats, and more. Automated regular and time-sensitive AiProtection updates ensure that you always have the most up-to-date protection.

Another useful feature is the ability to check your security. Not only can you scan and check this, the system will also give you suggestion on how you can improve your security.

Family Friendly with Access Control

Lyra is a family friendly system, allowing you to stay in control of who does what and when they can do it. The content itself can also be filtered, both sites and mobile apps, which allows a block when it shouldn’t be used. You can schedule blocking by day and time, making sure that everyone keeps their bedtimes.

You could also just pause your Wi-Fi and give your family some quality time together, with each other instead of each with their own smart device.

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