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ASUS Lyra AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Network Review

A Look at the Package, Accessories, and Device

The Packaging

Lyra comes in a long package as it contains three units. The package makes no surprise of what’s inside, showing all three units side by side.

The back side explains more of the features.

The top has notes which show what areas this system will be particularly useful in. High-traffic areas such as my office is another area where a mesh network should shine.

The actual specifications are on the side of the box, including a list of what’s inside.

Included Accessories

Included are the ASUS warranty notices we see with all ASUS devices as well as a declaration of conformity. Naturally, there’s also a quick start guide to get you started with your new network setup.

Each Lyra device needs power which means that we get three power supplies in total.

There’s also a flat 2-meter RJ45 LAN cable for the internet connection.

A Closer Look at Lyra

Lyra is designed to be simple and blend in. The entire unit is white without a lot of external features. The top panel is transparent and it is lid up by a glowing status ring. It’s almost soothing to watch as it boots up and cycles the colours.

The backside is where we find most things to talk about. The unit has five rubber feet for a safe desktop placement. The feet also help when wall mounted as a possible shaking of the walls won’t make the unit clack against the wall. Default settings in the event that you need to reset are printed on the label.

You can hang the Lyra on two nails, or better, screws, to get it out of the way. The only limitation is the power cable’s length.

The reset button is also located on the back of the unit, should you ever need it.

At the bottom, you’ll find the power connector and the two RJ45 network ports.

Pairing a Lyra with other Lyra units is easy thanks to the button located on the side.

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