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ASUS Lyra AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Network Review

Interface: Initialization and a First View

Before you distribute the Lyra devices throughout your home, you’ll want to keep them close by each other. You’ll need to pair them and that’s easiest before you move them to the final destination. The setup is a breeze and it won’t take long. In fact, the installation guide is a single page. That speaks for the ease it is.

If you have a mobile phone with Android or iOS, you get a great companion app. My two somewhat older Android tablets we not supported and there is no Windows 10 mobile app. So, I sadly can’t show you the mobile app and its features.

Even without the app, it’s a breeze to install. As you connect the first device, your default browser will load the initialization page.

The first things needed is an admin user and password. Both can be user-defined for an extra layer of security. Just don’t forget them.

Next, we have to set the wireless name and password, just as it is with any other router.

The last step is optional, but kind of needed. You need to pair the Lyra devices with each other and that’s why we kept them close. Once you’re through with that last step, you can move the units to the location you desire them.

Dashboard Functions

As the initialisation wizard finishes its job, you’ll be redirected to the user interface. From here, you can create further changes to your settings. Shouldn’t you be redirected, then simply input the URL from the sticker at the bottom of each Lyra.

Lyra is powered by ASUSWRT, ASUS’ take on an operating system found in all their networking devices. It’s easy to use and offers a lot of functionality. One of them is seen here, the firmware notification feature. I’ll naturally update before I continue with my review and benchmark tests.

The firmware update won’t take long, but the time will depend on your internet speed. After all, it will have to download the update before it can apply it. After the update, everything is ready for our configuration.

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Bohs Hansen

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