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ASUS Lyra AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Network Review

Interface: LAN, WAN, and VPN

Besides the Lyra’s features, there’s a list of normal router settings which are found in most ASUS network devices. Depending on the hardware of the device, the features may variate. This is a view of what’s available in the Lyra.

Wired Networking (LAN)

Lyra is primarily a wireless system, so we won’t find a lot of LAN features. Still, each device has a LAN port to which you can attach a switch and split it up.

The DHCP server is can be configured like it can on any other router, including reserved addresses.

With the limited wired networking abilities, there’s the chance that you’ll run something besides the Lyra. At least if you generally got an enthusiast setup. The route function allows you to connect several routers behind the Lyra to share the same connection to the internet.

Internet Connection (WAN)

Lyra supports the most common internet connection types. Just as a reminder, the Lyra doesn’t have a modem, it is only a router.

Port triggers, virtual server, and port forwarding are all supported as they should be. Create up to 32 rules for each of these sections for traffic redirection.

DMZ is supported for a single system.

Lyra can also handle your DDNS needs. Your router is the first to know about external IP changes, thus it’s the obvious place to run a DDNS client.

The last WAN page features the various passthrough protocols for VPN connections.

IPv6 Functionality

There’s no need to worry for IPv6 users either. As with all modern network equipment, this is supported as well.

VPN Server

Lyra can act as a PPTP or OpenVPN server with a 16-user limit.

VPN Client

A VPN client feature is also built-in. It allows VPN access to all devices, without them needing VPN software.

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