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ASUS Lyra AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Network Review

Interface: Firewall and Administration


The firewall feature isn’t extensive, but it offers the essentials.

Among the firewall features are various filters such as the URL filter. With it, you can allow or block web addresses based on keywords. You can also filter by keywords instead of URLs.

The network service filter is a powerful tool with the option of scheduling. Blocking all websites for your kid’s devices during the night will make sure they keep their sleep schedules. That are many other scenarios where it will be a useful feature too.


The administration section allows you to control the hardware itself. You can change the login credentials as well as settings such as time, location, and basic functions.

We touched the subject of firmware upgrades earlier and it is a point you don’t want to skip. Keep your device updated and make sure you always are as protected as possible.

System Logs

ASUS Lyra offers logging of most functions. The logs are divided into sections for a quick navigation to the relevant logs.

Network Tools

Within the network tools are ping, traceroute, netstat, and wake on LAN features. They aren’t features which are used a lot, but they’re darn good to have on hand when you do need them.

And that’s it, at least for this firmware version. More features could be added in future updates.

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Bohs Hansen

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