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ASUS Lyra AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Network Review

Test Systems, Software, & Methodology

Due to the features and functionality, the test procedure is a little different than usual. As the entire home is covered by the mesh, I can’t really do distance coverage as per usual where I would move the router to various location for individual tests. Now those locations are covered by the mesh.

The types of test will remain the same where I test the performance with TCP and UDP packets as well as with fixed and variable packet sizes. The wireless functionality is tested between a wireless and a wired desktop, both connected to the same device.

To add a distance variable into the mix, I connected two systems by LAN cable. The connection was made with the two most distant devices, forcing the signal to go through the mesh.

Wireless Environment

While it’s easy to test and give you comparable view on the wired connections, it is a different story for the wireless bands. With wireless networks, we need to keep environmental factors in mind. These can’t be avoided. This office is located in a pretty big apartment complex where many of the residents have multiple WiFi networks. Our ISP boxes have dual-band Wi-Fi and most apartments have an extra router connected. That’s easily 4 and even up 5 and 6 bands per apartment. All those wireless networks create a tough situation, but that’s not necessarily something bad.

To make matters worse, the building is located in the middle of a city that basically is a huge transport hub. All these industrial complexes and shipping companies also interfere with signals in the area. For example, terrestrial digital TV or Radio isn’t possible at all due to interference.

Tough isn’t always bad

The issues mentioned above will naturally have an impact on the performance, but at the same time, it gives us a great view of how well the device can handle itself in a heavy traffic area. In a way, that’s much better than testing it under optimal conditions – after all, who of us has those?

Network Client system

Network Server System

Wireless Setup

As mentioned above, the wireless setup can be somewhat tricky. Normally, I will use WifiInfoView to find an optimal channel. However, the Lyra control system didn’t offer any wireless band options at the time of review.

To me, an optimal channel is considered free with the neighbouring channels also being free. It isn’t always possible, but it’s what you should aim for. There are also mobile apps available with the same feature, should you not have a PC with Wi-Fi.

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Bohs Hansen

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