ASUS Mars III 8GB Dual GTX 680 spotted at Computex 2012

/ 5 years ago

In addition to the HD 7970 Matrix, ASUS’ ROG brand will also be launching the Mars III dual GTX 680 graphics card featuring 8GB of RAM (4GB effective), essentially making it a GTX 690 but with more features and more VRAM. ASUS are giving the card the ROG red and black colour scheme and have managed to get the triple fan cooler to only take up two slots in width. Power wise, ASUS have given it three 8 pin power connectors giving ample room for some serious overclocking – potentially up to 525W of power draw.

Four display outputs are provided, three DVI-D and one mini-DP. Quad SLI is supported too for those with more money than sense. There is also a 100% fan speed override button for those who really want to push this card to its absolute limits. Given the highly expensive and rare nature of the predecessor, the Mars II, we expect this card to cost an absolute fortune and be available in a very limited quantity – probably around 1000 like before.

Source: VR-Zone


2 Responses to “ASUS Mars III 8GB Dual GTX 680 spotted at Computex 2012”
  1. Pern says:

    it looks crappy to me ;/

  2. Thushara Lakruwan says:

    Is This True?

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