ASUS Mars III PCB pictured

/ 5 years ago

The ASUS Mars III is a graphics card that thousands of enthusiasts will fight it out for, but only a few will get. The limited edition graphics card will be formed of dual GTX 680 GPUs, much like a GTX 690. Except this graphics card will feature hand selected GTX 680 chips capable of the best frequencies at the lowest voltages.

The Mars III was already shown briefly at Computex 2012 this year. However, these updated pictures are likely to be closer to the real thing as ASUS have had many months since Computex 2012 to make modifications.

The card will feature 4GB of GDDR5 memory per GPU, for a total of 8GBs through the dual 256 bit memory interfaces. The power circuitry is where this card will really shine, with 8+2 phases per GPU this card has an impressive 20 phases in total.

The dual (or triple – the pictures are inconclusive) 8 pin power connectors mean this PCB can shift around 500W of power in total, more than enough for the extreme overclocker.

The cooler is the same one as previously seen at Computex 2012 : a dual-slot module with an aluminum fin array, copper heatpipes and three PWM-controlled fans.

Clock speeds and pricing are not yet known.


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