ASUS R9 280X Matrix Platinum Graphics Card Pictured

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VideoCardz have managed to get some exclusive pictures of the upcoming ASUS R9 280X Matrix Platinum graphics card. It’s no surprise that ASUS have the Matrix Platinum variant of the R9 280X ready so early on because the R9 280X is simply a rehashed version of the HD 7970 GPU with a higher core clock from the production line. As a result the ASUS R9 280X Matrix Platinum uses an identical PCB to the ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Platinum that it is based on.


The card uses a 20 phase VRM solution with TweakIT,  ProbeIT, a 100% fan switch and a dual BIOS. The card will ship with an 1100MHz core clock and 6GHz on the memory.

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The card uses the same dual 80mm fans, backplate and triple slot cooling solution as the original ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Platinum.


ASUS is expected to launch the R9 280X Matrix Platinum alongside the AMD R9 280X when the official launch date arrives. If you believe the latest rumours circulating then these are coming on October 8th.

Images courtesy of VideoCardz

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  1. Chay Meredith says:

    hate visible pcb i love enclosed

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