ASUS Republic of Gamers ARES 2 axed already

/ 5 years ago

The Original ASUS ARES

We brought you the news just yesterday that ASUS had been working on a successor to the original ARES, to be named the ARES 2. Now comes the revelation ASUS have scrapped the project already, according to VR-Zone. ASUS told them that the project would never make it to market and had been scrapped because of viability reasons. With the average cost of a HD 7870 at $350, and the PCI Express Gen 3 bridge chip required for the dual GPU card costing $50, costs already look to be spiralling upwards. If you include the premium cooling solution required not to mention the staffing for research, development and production there is no way ASUS can deliver this card for less than $800. At $800 the card is barely competitive on price/performance and hence ASUS have decided its in their best interests to scrap the project and avoid wasting money.

Source: VR-Zone


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