ASUS Reveal Innovative Gaming Systems at Computex

/ 2 years ago

ASUS Reveal Innovative Gaming Systems at Computex

You’ve never seen a system quite like Project Avalon from Asus, it’s a normal PC in some ways, but also one potential future of the PC market as well. The system uses a modular component design, so you still get a normal CPU socket, but the custom motherboard is mostly just ports for add-on cards rather than directly fitting components.


Five special boards can be added, adding graphics cards, storage, and much more. Even the rear I/O can be swapped out, expanding on the features of the motherboard. There aren’t even any power cables in here, but that does mean this is a very impractical prototype right now, as it needs a special PSU




The chassis was made in partnership with InWin and offers up a completely modular design and is surprisingly compact given the spec.


There’s even room for a custom loop system, as seen by the EK Predator tucked into the side here.



Tool free drive bays.


Plug and play rear I/O panels, here you can see the workstation and home theater modules.


Pull out server style PSU.


The new ROG XG Station 2 is a little more back in reality, offering up a Thunderbolt 3 hub for a high-end GPU such as the GTX 1080. Simply hook up your laptop and you’ll get desktop performance at your desk within seconds.






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