ASUS Reveal USB 3.0 NFC Receiver

/ 5 years ago


ASUS has just announced its latest motherboard accessory to help synchronise your electronic life. ASUS revealed the NFC Express NFC reciever with a 2 port USB 3.0 hub designed for desktop PCs. The device allows you to interact with Windows 8 using NFC tags but also transfer files and photos via NFC. This is because the above NFC Express box has an integrated NFC sensor. The device will only work with NFC ready ASUS 8 Series (Haswell) motherboards.The device connects to the PC via two USB 3.0 ports but allows you to continue using these with hub functionality.

The NFC Express accessory ships with the Z87-Deluxe/Dual motherboard but can also be purchased separately.

“This device connects to your PC with its two USB 3.0 ports and allows password-free Windows 8 login, automatic data syncing, and again, Remote Desktop connectivity – which we’re especially interested in seeing due to the relative lack of dedicated services as such in the Android world aside services like SplashTop.” Stated ASUS

Image courtesy of ASUS

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