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ASUS RoG Delta Type-C Quad-DAC Headset Review

Final Thoughts

How Much Does it Cost?

There’s no easy way to break it to you, but the ASUS RoG Delta will set you back around £179.99. “Crikey” I hear you cry, that’s awfully expensive, isn’t it? Well, no actually. I think this headset is a bit of a bargain when you factor in the Hi-Res drivers, built-in powerful quad-DAC and other features. You can buy a set of Hi-Res headphones, a good microphone, and a DAC for your desktop separate, but good luck getting this quality for under £300.


Normally, you’ll find headsets or amplifiers with a single, maybe even two DACs at a push. With four on board, I can’t help but think ASUS has overdone the tech, and that fewer DACs may have done just as good a job. However, I cannot argue with the end results on the Delta, as it has a power and clarity to the sound that’s pretty much unheard from a gaming headset. I can get this quality from my high-end headphones and a separate DAC, but as I said above, that’s quite a bit more expensive to do.

Powerful Features

It’s not a cheap headset, but the sheer quality of the sound is something to behold. I’m more impressed that they’ve still added in plenty of other features though. Multi-format support, a powerful EQ system, virtual surround and ya know, RGB too. The addition of Type-C is fantastic too, as I can jack the headset right into my Samsung S9+ and away I go. Many PC cases have a Type-C on the front panel now too, or at least one on the back of the motherboard. Don’t worry though, you can use the adaptor cable and it works just the same.

Something For Everyone

ASUS has delivered a headset that is all things to everything PC related and beyond with their new headset. They’ve brought a gun to a knife fight in regards to features too. When it comes to getting great movie audio and surround, it’s got your back. Also, when it comes to listening to high bitrate audio files like DSD and FLAC, it’s got your back. When it comes to eSports and tuning the sound to hear your enemies footsteps better. Or even just cranking the surround sound, thumping up the bass and enjoying the wow factor in a single player RGB; it’s got your back. A quality microphone, quality drivers, and a completely over the top processing chain really make this a tough one to beat, even at this price.

ASUS RoG Delta Type-C Quad-DAC Headset Review

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Peter Donnell

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