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ASUS ROG Gaming Smartphone Pre-Order Starts October 18th

ASUS Gaming Smartphone Finally Arrives

Remember the gaming smartphone ASUS has been teasing several months ago? Well it will finally be available soon for pre-order starting October 18th. This phone was of course shown in person at Computex 2018. It promised a lot of things and is obviously aiming straight for Razer‘s smartphone. According to ASUS, it has a 90Hz screen, which comes up a bit short in comparison to Razer’s 120Hz screen. Although its still faster than other phone screens for gaming. Furthermore, ASUS claims a 1ms response time, so it should feel pretty snappy and crisp as well.

Unlike Razer’s smartphone however, the ROG gaming phone comes with a huge amount of add-ons. There’s a clip-on controller similar to those seen on Nintendo’s Switch tablet. Furthermore, there are also “air triggers” for remapping buttons to virtual triggers on the side of the phone too.

When the phone is not in use, there is also a WiFi dock which allows users to pair the device to their monitor or TV. That means users can stream their games and media directly and effortlessly. This dock also has a USB hub, allowing the use of other peripherals like keyboards, mice and controllers. Which is practically necessary for any hardcore gamer.

How Much is the ASUS ROG Gaming Smartphone?

The starting price according to Engadget is $899 USD for the 128GB version, while the 512GB model will cost $1099 USD. Considering the price of Apple’s latest iPhones, that is practically a bargain. What is not known however, is the actual shipping date.

The company only provides a rough Q4 2018 availability. Furthermore, the plethora of accessories available for the device will also be available at a later date.

Ron Perillo

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