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ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II Laptop Review


As you might expect, when you open the box you do not just have a laptop inside. ASUS has provided a number of useful and necessary accessories to help get you quickly set up and ready to run!


In terms of documentation, you are provided with a product manual, warranty information and also a rather cool ‘mechanical structure’ booklet. One which you, incidentally, have to be over the age of 14 to use.

All of the information within is nice and clearly presented. It is perhaps a little disappointing that the main manuals are only in black and white. Well, technically grey scale. At least, however, what is inside is all nice and clear.


You are provided with a battery block as well as a cable adaptor depending on the plugs in your region. The battery itself is relatively as you would expect, albeit perhaps a little smaller and lighter than on older laptop designs.

A major plus, however, is the cabling. In both the input and output, the length of the cabling is absolutely perfect. Actually, you could argue that this is actually better than most laptops as ASUS has decided to keep the battery block closer to the laptop than usual.

It does, of course, go without saying that the battery does carry a little branding. Like the laptop, however, this is clear, but also nice and subtle. As we said earlier, it’s branding that catches the eye, but doesn’t demand attention.

Gladius II

In our particular model of laptop, ASUS has provided it with one of their truly fantastic Gladius II mouses. Firstly, may I say that I give ASUS a huge kudos for this. As above, I’m not a huge fan of ‘scratch pads’ on laptops and almost always end up plugging in a mouse.

It is, therefore, nice to see that ASUS has not only included one, but also one that is exceptionally good quality.

While it is not a wireless mouse, it does have a detachable USB capable which should make carrying it around a lot easier. In addition, it also has some fantastic RGB effects.

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Mike Sanders

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