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ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II Laptop Review

Acoustics & Temperatures

While looking over the design of the laptop, I did express some concerns over the apparent lack of any large banks of cooling vents. As such, when it came to temperatures and noise levels, I did have some concerns as to just how well this would perform.

It seems, however, that based on our test results, my concerns were entirely unfounded. ASUS said that had an advanced cooling system with this laptop and they clearly were not lying!

CPU Temperatures

Laptops will generally tend to always run pretty hot. Particularly when asked to do pretty demanding tasks that have both the CPU and GPU working hard. In terms of the CPU temperatures, however, the results provided were surprisingly good. Despite the lack of any large level of ventilation, the results recorded are entirely within expectations and, to a degree, would even be acceptable in some desktop remits.

GPU Temperatures

Additionally, the temperatures reported by the graphics card were also quite notably low. This may, of course, be something to do with the improvements in the RTX 20XX series design. That being said, however, to achieve only a maximum temperature of 75C is highly impressive.


So, low temperatures. That must mean that the fans are running like jet engines right?… In a word, nope!

The noise levels of this laptop were amazingly good. With such low temperatures you could easily have been forgiven for thinking that the pay off with high noise levels and in regards to the ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II that simply is not the case. While it does, of course, get a little noisy when working hard, it still remains surprisingly quiet.

Whatever ASUS did with their fans/ventilation system on this laptop, it clearly has worked really well.

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Mike Sanders

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