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ASUS RoG STRIX Scope RX Optical Mechanical Keyboard Review


On the surface, this keyboard doesn’t take too many risks, it’s a pretty standard look now for a high-end mechanical. Of course, there’s only so much they can toy around with, but the darker metal finish of the frame does look pretty sexy and should provide a strong contrast for any RGB effects too.

Branding is kept very minimal, with just an ASUS logo in the top corner. It’s not THAT understated though, as the logo is RGB lit. However, I do like that they’ve kept it simple.

The key caps look fantastic, with a huge font on them right in the centre. If you’re a big ASUS ROG fan, you would be able to tell is a STRIX product just from the font alone. The larger font obviously makes it easy to read, but it will also allow for a greater lighting effect from the RGB LEDs.

The caps appear to be packed in pretty tight, or at least, the spaces between the bottom of the caps look fairly close. However, the actually key spacing feels pretty standard, so it won’t cause havoc for your touch typing skills.

Obviously, it’s a full-size keyboard, so you get a lovely number pad all the way over here. Despite the full-size design, it does feel quite compact though, as there’s hardly any bezel on the sides. Even the front edge of the keyboard is kept fairly slim.

There are no dedicated multimedia keys on this keyboard, as they share the same keys as the F-keys on the top row. However, ASUS has given the media functions the primary place on the cap and moved the function label down the front of the cap. It’s a pretty cool idea, and I like it. You can use FN-shift, or you can lock it into F-key or media key mode as you see fit.

Other than that, all the other functions are standard. However, you can customise the keys via the software if you feel the need; I don’t… but you might.

Around the back, we can see just a hint of those lovely red switches hiding behind the caps.

There’s a USB port at the back here, handy for charging your headset, plugging in a controller, your mouse, an RGB mat, etc!

On the underside, ASUS prove once again that they make the coolest undersides… seriously, they do!

Remove that protective film and you’ll find a stunning glossy owl-eye design.

Thick rubber grips on the corners.

And even a set of sturdy legs to adjust the angle. That’s the “boring” stuff done, now let’s plug it in!

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Peter Donnell

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