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ASUS RoG STRIX Scope RX Optical Mechanical Keyboard Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The ASUS RoG STRIX Scope RX Optical Mechanical Keyboard is available right now from most major retailers for £124.99. I was actually expecting it to be a little more expensive simply because it’s ROG, and they can often get away with it. However, while it is expensive, it’s competitive with the prices we see from Corsair, Logitech, Razer, and many others for their high-end models.


ASUS hasn’t really done anything too crazy here, and that’s a good thing. Rather than make this keyboard too outlandish and expensive, they’ve kept it refined and competitive. I know RGB keyboards may be regarded as childish by some, but just because it can do rainbow swirls, you don’t have to use that. Set it to a white light, or a dim and soft red, and this keyboard looks utterly professional. It may be a gaming keyboard, but even in an office your clients aren’t going to think you’re being daft (unless you put the rainbows back on).

Build Quality

STRIX means gaming to many, but to me it also means durability and quality. STRIX products are often held to a higher standard, and the same is true here. This keyboard feels exceptionally well engineered. It’s robust, it has a good weight to it, and that alloy top cover looks great, but also adds a heck of a lot of strength, as well as IP56 water and dust resistance.

The switches have an insanely long life-span too, as they’re rated for 100 million keystrokes before they being to fade. Good luck maxing that one out in your lifetime.

The key caps are unique too, with their wobble free design, so every little detail feels well executed.


It performed exactly as a high-end mechanical keyboard should really. I can’t say it stands out from its rivals, but it’s certainly every bit as good as the best anyone else has to offer. The switches feel responsive and very comfortable to use, which is the most important thing really. The 1ms response time is awesome, but of little benefit to my gaming style. That being said, the eSports enthusiasts out there will be happy to see such fast response times.

Should I Buy One?

ASUS is one of the leading names when it comes to PC hardware, and they’ve a pretty solid reputation for everything that they do. I’m happy to say this keyboard upholds their high standards, and while it’s not particularly cheap, its price is competitive. Great build quality, stylish aesthetics and rock-solid build quality are what make this keyboard worthy of the investment.

ASUS RoG STRIX Scope RX Optical Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Peter Donnell

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