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ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II Power Supply Review


Carrying all the colours and branding you would expect from an ASUS ROG product, the front of the packaging goes big and bold with a nice clear image of the power supply on display as well as listing all of its key features in an easy on the eye glance.

The rear of the box work is absolutely crammed full of useful information. This doesn’t just include product descriptions, but also detailed information on the features as well as a good number of images and performance charts. In terms of presentation, ASUS has truly done an excellent job here!

Although not a point we generally have to raise, we should note that the quality of packaging doesn’t just begin and end on what you see on the outside. As per a lot of ASUS ROG products, the interior box work is excellently presented and is clearly of exceptionally high quality. – With the lid sliding neatly open, you’re greeted with two cardboard inserts. One contains the power supply and the other contains all of its accessories and cabling.

In addition, while we will shortly be taking a look a the PSU itself, we should also note that ASUS has gone to the effort to very neatly wrap it in sealed cellophane (which, incidentally, is contained itself within a foam protective covering). It’s a small touch, but with all of the elements of the packaging combined, your power supply should arrive with you in absolutely pristine condition!


More often than not, when purchasing a new power supply you don’t tend to expect much in the way of accessories. With the ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II, however, you are definitely in for a very pleasant surprise.

Starting with the cabling, this is provided in a good quality branded canvas bag. An excellent and safe place to keep what you don’t need today for a potential upgrade tomorrow! – In addition to that, however, ASUS has certainly not skimped out. You are also given branded cable velcro ties, a surprisingly large quantity of standard zip ties, cable management strips, a product manual, screws (to attach the PSU to your case), and even a metal badge which you can easily stick wherever you think it’ll look best!

Oh, and you also get a 20% off voucher should you wish to invest in some custom cables. – Put simply, in terms of accessories, ASUS scores a bit fat 11 out of 10 for this!

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Mike Sanders

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