ASUS show off ROG Matrix HD 7970 at Computex 2012

/ 5 years ago

The latest addition to ASUS’ Republic of Gamers line from the AMD side is this rather beast looking Matrix HD 7970 graphics card. Coming with 3GB of GDDR5 over a 384 bit memory interface and a 2048 stream processors, on the specification side of things this is just another HD 7970. However, ASUS have rammed this card full of overclocking features to help you go far beyond the reference performance levels. With a 20 phase VRM, DIGI+ power controls, Direct CU II cooling design, backplate and durability frame this card has a whole load of overclocking potential.

Further tweaking options are available such as VGA hotwire, “TweakIT” real time voltage and fan speed adjustment buttons, L.E.D GPU load indicators and four DisplayPort + two DVI Dual Link ports for 6 way eyefinity out of the box.

Source: Hardware Zone

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