ASUS To Soon Introduce its GeForce GTX 980 ROG POSEIDON

/ 3 years ago


ASUS has been late to the game with its GeForce GTX 980 ROG POSEIDON, but it looks like we don’t have much longer to wait. WCCFTech is reporting that the new ROG POSEIDON card is not far away at all, which doesn’t look much different to its GTX 780 predecessor.

We should expect the new GTX 980 ROG POSEIDON to feature the GM204 GPU, with its full 2048 CUDA cores, 4GB of RAM, spread over a 256-bit memory bus. ASUS will be clocking the Base Clock to 1178 MHz, while the Boost Clock is up at 1279 MHz. The RAM is left at stock, but with this cooling system, we can expect some decent overclocks to be done on the card.

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Asus-ROG-Poseidon-GTX-980-4GB-Graphics-Card-17130307-5 Asus-ROG-Poseidon-GTX-980-4GB-Graphics-Card-17130305-5

The ASUS GTX 980 ROG POSEIDON can be cooled in two different ways: stock, or in a liquid cooling loop with the tubing connectors being spotted at the top of the card and its DirectCU II cooling. ASUS will be pricing this quite high, at around $1000 USD.


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