Asus starts their own ROG Overclocking Leaderboard “OC Knockout”

/ 5 years ago

Asus ROG made a big announcement just some time back about OC Knockout. Its a ROG-Only global leaderboard made “for fun” for all types of overclockers- air cooling to even extreme LN2 Cooling. OC Knockout- or OCKO- is backed up with a competition database stored (Yes, you will need to sign up just like in HWBot) on their servers.

The Leaderboard offers “Battle Points” by running a Gauss–Legendre algorithm in the SuperPi benchmark in a typical knock-out style competition.

The knockout starts from 8M, and continues 4M, 2M, 1M, 512K, 256K, 128K and 64K mode. Each mode has a specific rounds mentioned in their game rules. The winner will earn a “prestige rank”.

As anyone will expect- unlike HWBot where users using any of the PC components from any brands can compete with eachother for points and rankings not limited to Super Pi, as of now this is limited to SuperPi type benchmark- and applies only to those with Asus, ROG and TUF Series motherboards (as one would expect)+ they will need to have an Asus Membership or be a VIP member account. Asus does say that this “an evolution in online sport”, however limited within the Asus branded motherboards.

Most likely they may or may not include GPU, it seems obvious that they prefer to have their in-house benchmark utility rather than hooking up and requiring manual screenshot submission.

As of now, the chipsets that Asus motherboards qualifies are the ones with Intel P67, Z68, X79 and Z77 & Only AMD 990FX Series chipsets.

Source: ROG Blog

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