ASUS Straps an External RTX 4090 To Its New RTX 4060 Ti SSD GPU

Today ASUS released its RTX 4060 Ti SSD which featured an M.2 slot on the rear of the card, naturally, ASUS has also done something a bit wild with this design by connecting an RTX 4090 to this M.2 slot.

ASUS RTX 4060 Ti With 4090 eGPU

ASUS China shared a video on (Via WCCFtech) where they conducted a bit of an experiment with their new RTX 4060 Ti Dual SSD graphics card. The video was presented by ASUS’s General Manager Tony Yu who demonstrated the new GPU and the SSD slot alongside some benchmarks and temperature readings to prove how well the design works. Gen 5 SSDs remained under 50 degrees and the speeds were running exactly as they should be. But what we are all here for is the beautifully stupid things, like strapping an eGPU to an M.2 slot that is on a GPU.

Through the use of an M.2 riser cable, Tony connected an RTX 4090, specifically the Evangelion EVA-02 model with correct spelling of course, to this unique RTX 4060 Ti.

This riser cable worked just fine by converting the x8 Gen 4 lanes into x4 Gen 5 and Tony was able to play CyberPunk 2077 through an RTX 4090 mounted on an SSD slot on a RTX 4060 Ti, that’s pretty insane.

I wonder how many of these cards you could daisy chain, probably not many. I expect certain people on Tech YouTube will be experimenting with this card in the future.

Jakob Aylesbury

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